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We are a leading mobile app development company in the UAE, housing domain-savvy developers to design and develop Android, iOS and cross-platform applications customized to your business needs and identity. So, jump into the DigitalUpgraders bandwagon today and benefit from our exclusive value-added services!

  • Advanced tech stack such as Flutter, React Native, Swift and Android.
  • Wallet-friendly engagement models to hire remote app developers
  • Free consultation for mobile app development services
  • Staffing within 1-2 weeks
  • Daily collaborative meetings with Product Managers.

A Sneak Peak of Our Custom

Mobile App Development Services

Android App Development

Hire our remote team of android developers to create feature-rich mobile apps that complement your venture
and generate revenue with each converted user.

iOS App Development

Discover a constellation of star iOS developers at DigtalUpgrders, a top-notch mobile application development company that creates user-friendly iPhone & iPad Apps.

Native App Development

Outsource from a booming community of smartphone app developers to ensure a high degree of reliability and uncompromised performance in your native applications.

Flutter App Development

Witness your business reaching out to a broader customer base through flutter app development services that offer
faster time to market and cross-channel mobility.

Cross-Platform App Development

Avoid limitations by scheduling a 7-day trial for our cross-platform mobile app development services that offer cost-effectiveness as the code is reusable.

Hybrid App Development

Witness your business reaching out to a broader customer base through hybrid app development services that offer faster time to market and cross-channel mobility.

Why Should You Choose DigitalUpgraders For

Mobile App Development Services

We capitalized on 6 key value services and successfully built a reputation as the leading and trusted mobile app development services provider in the U.A.E.

Domain Specialists

With hands-on experience in mobile app development services, DigitalUpgraders houses a flourishing community of 100+ developers who have delivered 97% customer satisfaction across industries — Healthcare, Fintech, and more

Community’s Most Loved Tech Stack

Seek the helping hand of our 100+ pre-vetted developers adept in the most loved languages and frameworks.
Elixir, Python, RoR, Flutter, Ionic — you want it, you got it. You name it, here it is.

Unflinching Quality

Discard battery-draining apps by placing your trust in DigitalUpgraders quality perimeters. As a leading mobile app development company, we deliver bug-free, high-performing, stable, and user-friendly mobile apps.

Dollar-wise Services

Save thousands of dollars with our value-adding bundle of bespoke services — A 7-day trial, senior-level product managers, and end-to-end software testing and debugging, all at a wallet-friendly budget.

100% Transparency

Track the best mobile application development progress without hassle. You will be kept in the loop throughout the project, ensuring that your valuable input is prioritized to deliver robust and superior applications.

100% Confidentiality

Rest assured about your project confidentiality! Leveraging the latest technologies and tools to keep your data and other vital information safe is the top practice of our mobile app development team.

Discover Our Fine-Tuned Mobile Application Development Process


Take time to determine the problem statement, define the scope, set deliverables meticulously, and secure funding.


Leverage the skillsets of our seasoned UI/UX design team by crafting aesthetically strong and functional designs.

MVP Development

Get ready to minimize costs and risks with our dedicated mobile app development team, who move swiftly through a seamless MVP development process.

Product Development

Achieve agility and respond to changing business requirements through sprints, incorporating customer feedback and addressing their pain points.

Software Quality Assurance

Cut down the cost with our automated software quality assurance to assure bug-free functionality and build strong walls with our penetration testing services.

DevOps Services

Work with our developers who employ tried-and-true DevOps practices for continuous delivery, resilient data pipelines and velocious time-to-market.

Support & Maintenance

Deliver high-performance software products to your target audience by providing on-call production support, product enhancements, and training.

Team Work On Your Project

We deliver profitable and gratifying offshore mobile app development services. You may connect with a large talent pool in 60 seconds at a cost roughly 50% lower than Western marketplaces. We can demonstrate it to you through a trial

Mobile app designers are in charge of the whole look and feel of a mobile application, including the User Interface (UI) and the User Experience (UX) design. They influence design-related decisions, Handling the end-to-end product design that comprises color, font, navigation, and other factors.

Flutter developers specialize in using the Flutter framework to build cross-platform mobile applications. Flutter, developed by Google, enables the creation of high-performance apps for both iOS and Android platforms using a single codebase. Flutter developers are skilled in Dart programming language, UI design, and application architecture. They leverage Flutter's rich set of pre-built widgets and libraries to deliver efficient and visually appealing mobile apps with native-like performance. With Flutter developers, businesses can save time, resources, and effort by building and maintaining a single codebase for multiple platforms

Being fluent in programming languages such as Objective-C or Swift, our fantastic iOS developers proactively take up the responsibilities of designing and developing the underlying programme, testing the application, resolving bugs, code maintenance, and releasing new upgrades.

Create apps for Android-based smartphones today! Hire our mobile app developers who have a strong grasp of Android SDK, RESTful APIs, Android UI design concepts, offline storage, threading, performance optimization, natural interfaces, open-source expertise, continuous integration, and more.

Lead an ideal team in collaboration with our experienced product managers, who bring fruitful and refreshing insights to the table. Their problem-solving attitudes prevent delays, manage deliverables within finances and emphasize areas of improvement.

Writing test cases, sanity/smoke testing, functional testing, black box testing, integration testing, regression testing, retesting, automated testing, Gui testing, and UAT (user acceptance testing) are key specialities of our software QA testers.


Hire Mobile App Developers to Increase Sell-Through

As a top mobile app development services company in the U.A.E, our mobile app developers are well-aware of the trends in the mobile-centric society to reach global markets and boost profits.

Industrial Experience

Hire mobile app developers who have an enriched experience working with various industries. They have perfected the art of developing mobile apps that were well-received and commercially viable.

Adept At Latest Technologies

Our mobile app developers are well-versed in the latest technologies, such as Geo Tracking, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Analytics, Cloud Computing and more.

Full Transparency

Hire the best mobile app developers who ensure full transparency of the app development life cycle through daily collaborative meetings. The DigitalUpgraders team will keep you updated on the latest product enhancements while integrating your feedback into the process.

Timely Delivery

Looking to complete your project within the predetermined time frame? We are here for it! Put your faith in our well-reasoned mobile app development team because we utilize techniques such as work breakdown structure (WBS) and PERT to reach better time estimates.

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